Scrapping your old unwanted vehicle for cash might be an option when it becomes too costly to keep it on the road, or garage, or to even fix and repair it.

Sometimes vehicles give up after a while and selling a junk car is much of a hassle that you have to go through the long procedure of finding a buyer for your car, arranging all the documentation and arranging payment. 

However, you should know that you can actually earn money off of that junk car of yours. It’s probably time for a trip to the great scrap yard. Here are a few guides that will help you go through the car scrap process. 

How do you scrap your car for money?

Scrapping your car is not necessarily hard like in the past. Even then, people often had to pay scrap dealers to come and pick up your car. These days, there are a lot of dealers or services that offer free car pick up. Scrap metal values always increase which means you should be able to get some bucks for your old car. Scrapping needs to happen at a licensed scrap yard.

Do you need paperwork to scrap my car?

Initially, having the right paperwork to prepare before scrapping your car is highly necessary. In most cases, you may have to show the vehicle logbook or car guide to prove that the car is owned by you and stops any unauthorized and irresponsible sales. Besides that, you also need to have a certificate of destruction, sent by email or post to prove you have the car recycled and acquits you from any possible future responsibility. 

How much does selling my car for crap give me?

The price or cost you get for selling a vehicle truly depends on what and how you do it. Cars are composed of a range of many useful parts that can be stripped then reused and recycled. In this case, some drivers might prefer to sell off the most beneficial car parts individually because this overall makes more money than just selling the entire car. You should know how to work your way around the vehicle to know which parts are suitable to sell. 

The charitable option

Some charity organizations can help you scrap your car. All the money you earn from scrapping your car or car parts will be donated to a charity after completing the necessary paperwork. You can also give your car or car parts away and donate them and let them decide what to do with it, cash it, reuse or recycle since buying and selling second-hand car parts can cut down the need for new parts to be manufactured and avoid car bodies from becoming out of date while keeping the valuable resource from not going to waste. Second-hand car parts can offer, more or less, 50% savings on creating new auto parts. 

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